Vegetable snacks

Healthy snacks. anywhere and anytime – that’s what Fruity Pack’s vegetable snacks are all about. Fresh, bite-size vegetable treats with a scrumptious dip sauce. An exclusive recipe for each individual customer.

Cut fruit

We have been specialising in cut fruit since 2004. Our traditional cutting methods have evolved into innovative cutting technology. Each and every day we produce a wide range of cut and professionally packaged fruit for the retail, food services and industrial sectors.

Fresh combinations

We constantly strive to perfect our products by combining our many years of experience with sound research and the expertise of our partners. And that produces innovative concepts, such as our yoghurt and fruit combinations.

What drives us?

To provide a healthy product of outstanding quality at a fair price and with super-fast delivery.

Simply stated, our aim is to provide a healthy product of outstanding quality at a fair price and with super-fast delivery. We prepare fresh and healthy convenience products for numerous consumption moments and develop surprising food concepts based on consumer needs and in collaboration with our partners. Our products relieve our European customers of the burden of preparing daily fresh, perfectly cut and portioned vegetables and fruit.

Fresh combinations


Although our fresh combinations are relatively new, they have quickly developed into products with an enormous growth potential. That’s not surprising, actually, considering the unprecedented demand for healthy convenience. The combination of fresh fruit with dairy products and a topping, or of vegetables with a fresh, low-fat dip sauce is extremely successful. We team up with specialists to develop the added indulgences, like dairy products and sauces. And that’s not all. We are already considering today the fresh combinations of tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that.

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