Fruity Pack: healthy is the tastiest

Fruity Pack is a young and flexible company specialising in cut vegetables and fruit. Every day, our 120 employees ensure that the thousands of kilos of cut product arrive quickly on our customers’ doorsteps in the correct composition and quantity. For the food services, retail and industrial sectors: under the Fruity Pack label – or the customer’s own label.

We have deep retail roots – we stem from companies with generations of experience in the potato, vegetable and fruit trade and in cutting fruit according to traditional methods.
Today, we boast a sophisticated cutting factory with innovative technology. We can guarantee high quality at an attractive price. And we have all the expertise required for putting innovative food concepts successfully on the market.

Fruity Pack has a close-knit core team. We are always available to speak with you personally and for our European customers, we provide local contacts who speak your language. Our aim is to provide personal assistance to those wanting to sell, present and select an assortment.

Stringent requirements

Our purchasers seek products from around the world with the best quality at the most favourable price. We are situated close to the port of Rotterdam and the trading estate in Barendrecht, where many large importers of potatoes, fruit and vegetables are located. That’s handy, because it consequently assures us of daily fresh and ripened products from all corners of the world.

Obviously, our suppliers meet our stringent requirements and they have the requisite environmental and food safety certifications. See our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for more information.