Our products

Cutting is our profession. Every day we send thousands of healthy, ready-to-eat products out into the world tailored to the customers’ wishes. The basis is always freshly cut fruit or vegetables, in the most logical or appealing packaging. We deliver to the industrial sector or the food services sector and we provide many of our retail products as complete, healthy snacks.


Healthy convenience – our forte. That’s thanks to our experience, but also because we keep a close eye on developments. Customer demand changes constantly and demands are high as regards healthy convenience. To remain up to date and to meet the persistently changing demand, our production process is necessarily very flexible.


What is harvested today, is preferably available cut and packaged in the shops tomorrow. To accomplish this we always seek the fastest and most sustainable route from source to consumer. Our logistics department works together with an extensive and reliable network of carriers within the Netherlands and Europe. Fruity Pack also cross-docks deliveries, for which orders are put ready at shop level.

Stringent requirements

Our purchasers seek products from around the world with the best quality at the most favourable price. We are situated close to the port of Rotterdam and the trading estate in Barendrecht, home to many large importers of potatoes, fruit and vegetables. That’s handy, because it consequently assures us of daily fresh and ripened products from all corners of the world.

Obviously, our suppliers meet our stringent requirements and they have the requisite environmental and food safety certificates. See our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for more information.

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