About fruity pack

Fruity Pack is a young and flexible company, specialized in cut fruit and vegetables, which are produced in our advanced cutting factory with innovative techniques.

A family business since 2008

Fruity Pack once started as a small family business with deep roots in the fruit and vegetable sector. Our expertise in processing fruit goes back for decades.

The passion of continuously striving for the highest quality and best taste has resulted in a consistent satisfied consumer base, allowing for the market to grow from year to year.

Due to this consistent focus on optimalisation of both quality and processes, Fruity Pack quickly established a strong connection with retail and foodservice that would not only last for years to come, but continues to grow evermore.


Our employees contribute to this competitive advantage on a daily basis. Thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team, Fruity Pack has evolved into the biggest player in the market, allowing us to fully unburden European retailers and foodservice partners. No volume is too large, 100% delivery of orders is the standard and every individual customer receives the attention they deserve.

Continuous research and development of our products based on the latest trends and developments in the market is deeply embedded in our DNA. Our successful innovations of salads, fresh combinations, meals and poke bowls has caused a transition in the market. We have developed from a specialist in fresh-cut fruit to a fresh producer of healthy convenience products.