Our brands

Throughout Europe, we supply our healthy products directly to various supermarket chains, under their private label or our own Fruity Pack or Healthy Hand brand.

Our products - Fruity Pack
Packaging - Fruity Pack

Private label

A lot of our customers attach importance to the possibility to produce under private label. Together, we develop a complete and unique range of products consisting of snack vegetables, dairy and fruit products etc. In the future it will remain possible to develop new products that are supplied under this private label too. 

It is thus clear that we do not only deliver a recipe and the required fresh-cut products, but we also brainstorm and think along throughout the entire process, from packaging material and labelling to promotion and presentation. We offer support at the shopfloor to ensure that the products reach their full potential and that sales will skyrocket. 

Healthy hand

In 2018 we identified numerous opportunities in the market and the desire arose to build a brand and with that ensure that new innovations could be introduced in stores quicker. This is how our brand Healthy Hand was born. Healthy Hand was a tremendous success in the Dutch market and soon after expanded to other European markets. Numerous European supermarket chains have added our Healthy Hand Pick & Mix to their assortments. Having such a strong brand empowers us to anticipate on new developments in the market.

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