Fresh-cut fruit

Your daily dose of vitamins in an extensive mix of freshly cut fruits.

Cutting fruit is a craft. We produce an extensive range of fresh-cut and professionally packaged fruit on a daily basis. We cut more than 24 types of fruit, selecting the tastiest varieties of each type.  

At Fruity Pack we apply the highest standards for the produce we use. Our suppliers must meet strict requirements, among others the Global Gap certification. We work together with our suppliers to constantly look for products of the best quality. Our trained quality department is constantly testing, improving and evaluating the products we use. Tests for taste and ripeness are carried out daily and we exchange this information with everyone involved.

We work together with seed breeders, growers and suppliers to make the supply chain as sustainable as possible. Sustainable cultivation, good yield for the growers and good working conditions throughout the chain are our top priorities. Besides, this attention to the source enables us to deliver guaranteed first-class, safe and year-round tasty products.