Corporate Social Responsibility

In everything we do, we keep people and planet the focus of our attention. We guarantee that the origin of our products is responsible and we strive to keep our impact on nature and society positive. This is possible through open communication with our stakeholders and by not shying away from dialogue. 


By keeping the overview of the entire chain, from cultivation of the crops to transport of the end products, up to date, we stimulate and encourage sustainable entrepreneurship by everyone who is involved at any point in the process. All our suppliers comply with the strict GlobalGAP certification to  guarantee food safety in the production process. We are IFS Food Higher Level certified and in possession of the BIO certificate. 

All the energy we use in our production process is 100% green and we heat our water with the residual heat from compressors. By adopting new innovations for cleaning our production areas, we minimize our consumption of water.

Most of our machinery is tailor-made to meet our requirements in terms of energy efficiency, safety, ergonomics, hygiene and have a combination of circular parts and an optimal lifespan. 

Every part of the production process is focused on limiting waste as much as possible. What cannot be prevented is carefully separated and then used at biogas plants or processed into animal feed. By digitizing wherever we can, we prevent unnecessary paper consumption.

With regards to EU requirements with respect to pesticides, Fruity Pack goes a step further.


The packaging materials we use are as sustainable as possible. Ultimately, we strive for a fully circular packaging flow. For that reason we choose packaging made of mono materials, making them highly recyclable. By finding the right balance between thickness and the use of ridges we use as little material as possible while keeping the packaging firm and reliable.


'Fair produce' means that we demand good working conditions for everyone who works directly or indirectly for Fruity Pack. Secondly, we stimulate the health and development of our employees. We feel responsible for the housing situation of our employees with an international background and we help them as much as possible to create a stable living situation in our country.

In addition, we offer work opportunities to people with a distance to the labor market due to physical and/or intellectual disabilities or who find themselves in a reintegration process.

We like to inspire and excite our employees to further professionalize themselves through courses, education and training and offer growth opportunities within our company.